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Crypto currencies have finally been accepted as legitimate financial sources in the US. Substantial American populations have made terrific fortune in these encrypted currencies. In fact the governmental agency of revenue has set and elicits taxes on these digital fortunes. Taxmen have also been able to track down those people that evaded payment of these taxes. Therefore, planning to skip crypto taxes is never a wise decision.

In this regard, the crypto taxes payment platform called ZenLedger can provide you with assistance in tracking of crypto transactions and thereby filing your taxes. Although, it is a nascent player in the crypto taxpaying software market, it has received positive reviews from the digital currency user community. It has been attempted in this article to provide you with a brief introduction to the Zenledger and its striking features.

What is ZenLedger?

Crypto currency users make several encrypted deals and it becomes challenging for them to keep a record of every sale and purchase. In order to avoid this crisis, the users can resort to the ZenLedge, cryptocurrency tax software. Not only does this application manage your overall crypto transaction data, but also assists you in filing of your taxes. Zenledge is amongst the most popular taxpaying software available in the market today.

Significant features of ZenLedger

Its exceptional features, convenient price scheme and quality customer service have made Zenledger a valuable treasure to the crypto currency traders. Some of its stupendous functional facets have been discussed below.

Aligns with Internal Revenue Service

ZenLedger software helps you with systematic generation of the loss and profit statements that in turn facilitates the organized filing of correct taxes. Furthermore, this tax payment platform is not only just accessible to the American citizens, but also to the worldwide clients. You can be a crypto trader from any part of the globe and still rip advanced crypt taxpaying benefits with the use of this application. The in-built structure of ZenLedger has been designed in such a manner that it allows instantaneous transmission of tax relevant documents to the taxes returns, without a hassle.

Allows every currency and exchange transaction

With the aim of making ZenLedger a major player in tax software, the developers have been striving to make it compatible with every exchange. Some of these exchanges are Bittrex, GDAX, Coinbase, Kucoin and Polonix. In addition, the application intends to lend support to all crypto currency coins of BCH and BTC to LTC and XRP, inclusive of fiat currency. Therefore, liaison of this tax payment software with various forms of digital currencies will ensure high-standard user experience.

Prepare important documents for traders


Importation features enables ZenLedger for importing of all transaction records from exchanges. This collected data can further be used to prepare tax related important documents such as reports on donations, capital gain taxes, income and closing. With this application at your disposal, you can easily manage the documentations that are crucial for tax filing to the government.
Automated actions all throughout

Using this crypto tax software eliminates any chances of your manual labor in documentation compilations. Its striking functional framework imports your documents and generates statements absolutely in an automated form. It reduces your trouble to maintain any physical bookkeeping. Advantage of this tax compilation tool is that it ensures that you are made to pay the right amount of taxes thereby preventing overpayment and underpayment.

Affordable pricing features

The concerned software developers have been providing differential ZenLedger packages for catering to multifarious demand of the customers. This application is available in three packages and these are starter, premium, executive and unlimited.

A nominal price has been set upon the starter pack and allows equal to or less 500 transactional processes. Higher price is set on the premium, followed by executive pack. The unlimited is priced the highest amongst all the four. It is palpable that the most expensive plan will provide you with better features, while the lowest prices pack would not accommodate such extensive activities.

Therefore, the company allows you to choose a package that matches your convenience. It is suggested that of you are a general user, opting for a starter pack would be sufficient as it comprises basic yet useful features. On the other hand, if you are a professional trader in crypto currency then feel free to experience the sophisticated activities provided by the executive or unlimited plan.

Advantageous customer service features

ZenLedger crypto software has well-constructed platform that offers the users with swift accessibility to all the website pages. It takes the aspect of customer service seriously since any query from your part will fetch you response in just a day. It can take even lesser time of an hour if question has been posted in business hours.

ZenLedge users have agreed to the point that they have had no issue in communicating with the company head or supporting staffs during any difficulty. Its user friendly software design has made ZenLedge a current favorite among the crypto currency dealers.

With crypto currencies occupying significant place in global financial domain, ZenLedger aims to offer you ease in crypto related tax filing for the governmental requirement. Current customer reviews on this software has presented a favorable picture and will stimulate its further popularity. Advanced yet user convenient features of ZenLedger have contributed enormously to provide quality satisfaction to its users. Based on the positive reviews, usage of this application can be highly recommended to the potential customers.

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